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Make our story, your story.

When you come to RedEye Coffee you enjoy bird safe, shade grown, organic coffee and tea served to you in an earth friendly cup. 

RedEye Coffee exists to make the world a better place by investing all our after tax profits in local and global humanitarian causes. 

We purchase our coffee and tea from small farmers who are paid a fair price through certified organic cooperatives. 




I am often asked the question, "How much money has RedEye Coffee given to local and global charities since its inception?" This is a great question and I could easily provide a dollar amount right off the bat, but I'm not going to because that would only communicate part of the social impact of RedEye. So, I would like to share with you how RedEye has made much more than just a financial impact. I hope after reading the following you will appreciate the full scope of RedEye's impact.


It all begins with The RedEye promise: Every time you purchase a RedEye product you are making the world a better place. Our coffee and tea are socially and environmentally responsible, and all our after-tax profits go to local and global humanitarian causes. Perhaps the most important thing to know about RedEye Coffee is our commitment to make every decision mutually beneficial for all involved. From the farmer who grows the coffee, the wages paid to our employees, the environmentally friendly cups we use, the humanitarian initiatives we support, and the earth-friendly way we grow our coffee—all are integral to making our world a better place. 


RedEye Beginnings

In the early years of RedEye Coffee, from 2004 to 2009, it was just two guys bagging and selling coffee, like the Girl Scouts sell cookies giving 100% of the proceeds to missionaries and buying food for what has become Serve Tallahassee. Early on, we recognized the importance and value of all aspects of RedEye from farmer to cup when we developed our triple bottom line—financial, social, and environmental. When evaluating RedEye's impact, I believe it is important to understand our "coffee life cycle," which is mutually beneficial to everyone who is part of it. This life cycle really summarizes the story of how RedEye came into what it is today, as well as emphasizes the importance of all the that we continue to do. 


RedEye's Impact since 2009 


Environmental Impact Our commitment to being faithful stewards of the planet and only purchasing coffee with an internationally recognized organic certification helps resource the farmers who grow our beans to use the best organic agricultural systems developed to date. It also ensures that our roaster and all third party handlers of RedEye Coffee are adhering to earth-friendly practices. RedEye currently serves about 30,000 pounds of coffee per year and in 2019 that will grow to 60,000 pounds of coffee. 


We also have a commitment to using earth-friendly cups. Last year, RedEye served over 200,000 cups of coffee and tea in earth-friendly cups. In 2019 that number will grow to 400,000 cups. These cups have a very low impact on our environment.


Global Impact 

The coffee business is a dirty business with most companies engaging in business practices that keep farmers and their families caught in the cycle of poverty. Every coffee bean served at RedEye is purchased from small farmers who are paid a fair price for their product--to date we have purchased over $1,000,000 worth of ethically traded coffee.


We do this because we feel it is unethical to take advantage of a farmer who does not have access to the internet to know what their crop is worth. We do this because these farmers love their children just as much as we love our children, and we want to empower them to care for their families and give them a better future. We do this because we believe it is our job to take care of each other. We do everything within our power to never benefit from the oppression of others.


In addition to ethical trade, all of our after-tax profits go to local and global charities. Currently, the global humanitarian initiatives are a special needs school in Uganda, building homes, education, healthcare, and access to markets for entrepreneurs in Guatemala, and healthcare training and access to markets for entrepreneurs in Haiti.


Local Impact 

RedEye also has a commitment to make Tallahassee a better place. RedEye does this through four different initiatives: Serve Tallahassee, RedEye Mobile Café, RedEye Velo, and RedEye FSU internships. 


Serve Tallahassee serves over seventy under-resourced families in the French Town area helping bridge the nutrition gap, building wheelchair ramps, and serving as an advocate for the city.


RedEye Mobile Café serves about 10,000 cups of complimentary coffee each year at local community events like cancer walks, Spring Time Tallahassee, and other worthwhile community-enriching events.

RedEye/FSU Internship began in the Spring of 2015 working with students in creating a micro-enterprise. The primary goal of the RedEye Coffee internship is to provide students with a "real-life" application of their academic instruction. Specifically, students are provided the opportunity to create a micro-business using the RedEye Coffee Mobile Cafe' with guidance and mentorship, moving them from ideation to running a fully operational micro-business striving to achieve a positive triple bottom line. 


We also invest in Tallahassee by employing local residents and compensating our baristas according to MIT’s living wage standard. We also are closed on Sundays because we believe RedEye managers and baristas should have an opportunity to rest, spend time with family and friends, and be part of a faith community if they choose to do so.


To date, RedEye has given $98,000 ($30,000 of this from community partners) in local and global charitable giving. This does not include the food, and other non-monetary local and global charitable giving RedEye has contributed estimated at $250,000.


It is important to note that the majority of this giving has happened in the past four years and has increased every year.


The Future

It is my conviction that with three stores our charitable giving will grow to $60,000 annually in the near future. The exciting prospect is with RedEye vision of growing to seven cafés in Tallahassee and moving into other markets, we will surpass $1,000,000 in charitable giving by 2026. 


The Reality

With your support, RedEye will fulfill the vision to make the world a better place. One of my inspirations, The Newman's Own Foundation has given over $500,000,000 in charitable giving since 1982. With the right partners, RedEye Coffee can grow into a major social enterprise.


Make Our Story, Your Story.


Mark McNees