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"We believe by partnering with you, together we can profit the human race."

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RedEye Coffee

 RedEye has the best story in coffee, and we want to invite you to make our story, your story.


OUR PROMISE Every time you purchase a RedEye product you are making the world a better place. Our coffee and tea are socially and environmentally responsible, and all our profits go to local and global empowerment charities.


Some examples of RedEye’s local and global social impact:


Local Involvement

RedEye Coffee is committed to making Tallahassee the best place to live. RedEye helps fill the food gap for seventy-six under-resourced families here in Tallahassee, serves complimentary coffee out of our RedEye Mobile Café supporting community events all over Tallahassee, and sponsors a cycling club fighting childhood obesity. Additionally, through an academic relationship with FSU, RedEye Coffee mentors FSU students from the School of Business in the Social Entrepreneurship program with internships guiding social entrepreneurs of tomorrow on how to successfully plan, start, and run a social enterprise.


Global Involvement

RedEye Coffee has been able to help fund some amazing global projects over the years such as: “Shed No Tears” a documentary exposing child trafficking in Benin, a nursing school in Haiti, building homes for single mothers in Guatemala, and funding the salaries for teachers who began a school for special needs children in Uganda.



Certified Organic
Coffee and Tea


Certification is the next best thing to buying all of your organic products from a neighbor. It provides the eyes and ears to make sure that products are produced in accord with organic standards. 


Regardless of diet, organic foods are a smart priority. Opting for organic foods is an effectual choice for personal and planetary health. Buying organically grown food—free of harmful chemicals, bursting with more nutrition, taste, and sustainable sustenance—is a direct vote for immediate health and the hopeful future of generations to come.


Here are the top 10 reasons to choose organic foods today:

1. Avoid chemicals

2. Benefit from more nutrients

3. Enjoy better taste

4. Avoid GMO

5. Avoid hormones, antibiotics, and drugs in animal product

6. Preserve our ecosystems

7. Reduce pollution and protect water and soil

8. Preserve agricultural diversity

9. Support farming directly

10. Keep our children and future safe

"We believe by taking care of creation, creation will take care of us."

Why Ethically Traded
Coffee Matters 


Fair Trade is not a charity or handout; it is simply a process of giving a fair exchange. RedEye Coffee provides high-quality foods at a fair price to you by partnering with Equal Exchange. Together we pay the farmers more and give you a better value.


Fair Trade is a way of doing business that ultimately aims to keep small farmers an active part of the world marketplace, and aims to empower consumers to make purchases that support their values. Fair Trade is a set of business practices voluntarily adopted by the producers and buyers of agricultural commodities and hand-made crafts that are designed to advance many economic, social and environmental goals, including:

  • Raising and stabilizing the incomes of small-scale farmers, farm workers, and artisans

  • More equitably distributing the economic gains, opportunities and risks associated with the production and sale of these goods

  • Increasing the organizational and commercial capacities of producer groups

  • Supporting democratically owned and controlled producer organizations

  • Promoting labor rights and the right of workers to organize

  • Promoting safe and sustainable farming methods and working conditions

  • Connecting consumers and producers

  • Increasing consumer awareness and engagement with issues affecting producers

"We believe people matter, that is why we are committed to ethical trade."

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